It all started with a flight!

Larry DeCicco came home from flying his PPG Quad at a new airport, and asked his wife, Cris, to buy him a bright orange windsock because it was impossible to see the existing windsock from the sky with all the trees and greenery around. To her dismay, there was none to be found. Cris, who has been sewing since she was 8 years old, offered to make him a neon orange windsock so she proceeded to research for the right fabric. Successful, she made a few. And, when his fellow pilots saw them, they just had to have them too. The demand was so great, the decision was made to sell them at the next fly in and ParaOrange Products was born!

At the same fly in, we had a request from a renowned PPG Training School for a wing sack that would be a fast packer and customized to their specs. This was accomplished by much research, interviewing numerous para pilots, and collecting data to establish a new type of wing bag. In addition, it was discovered that para pilots would love to keep a compact wing bag for unexpected landings on their person. Therefore, the Premium Stuff bag and the Take-Along wing bag was created, and The Bag Lady was given her name!

ParaOrange was on a roll! Accessories that were requested by Para Pilots were researched, assembled, tested, and improved upon before being offered to the public. Cris is not a para pilot but Larry is. With Larry’s knowledge of what is needed and how it would be used, he assisted Cris in determining the design, fabric, and assembly of products. As you may already know, all accessories made of fabric, are hand made in the USA.

Additional accessories originally offered were riser bags, pre-flight caution flags, streamers, windsock poles, pole stands, helmet bags, and, of course, the waterproof PPG Cover for both foot launch and trike units.

Cris & Larry are now passing the Windsock on to the very talented seamstress--Karyn!

Join us in wishing her only the best and your continued patronage!

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